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How engaging in your community can help your company

Community matters. And if your company isn’t celebrating its local connections by getting involved with the geographic and demographic base that surrounds you, you may be missing out on a valuable opportunity to not only improve your community but also your company culture.

When your city, town and neighborhoods thrive, so does the economy—which in turn supports positive conditions for a strong business climate. By doing your part to contribute, you’re letting residents and employees know that you’re invested in their well-being and in the working/living environment that you all share.

6 ways to show your company cares about its community

Focus on philanthropy

Define your philanthropic goals, then put them in writing as part of your mission statement and build them into your living business model. Refer to these intentions often to manage expectations and create a sense of accountability.

Promote good community health

Good health happens while we’re at home, at work and at play. Encouraging a healthy living environment for all by promoting and supporting equitable access to fresh food, education, healthcare services (particularly medicines, screenings, and vaccines), safe public transportation, parks and green spaces, fresh air, clean water and affordable housing goes a long way to benefit your employees, your company and your community as a whole.

To that end, Kaiser Permanente is committed to investing in programs and partnerships that support inclusive economic opportunities, housing security, healthy neighborhoods, environmental stewardship, and successful schools. Your business can be too. Even something as simple as sponsoring an on-site health fair or flu shot clinic or giving employees access to professional development courses and webinars that will broaden their skillset can make a big difference.

Make a donation

It feels good to give. Contributing to nonprofit organizations and charities gets your name out into the community and lets residents know that your company cares about their well-being. Start by selecting a few causes that you feel a personal affinity for and go from there. You can also solicit suggestions from your employees for charities to donate to and use it as a contest or another avenue for workplace engagement and motivation.

Partner up

Seek out local nonprofits, local chapters of national organizations, charity groups, schools, and other causes whose aims match your corporate beliefs and mission. Then ask how you can get involved through sponsorships, fundraising efforts, and participation in their key events. They’ll welcome your input, and you’ll reap the rewards of generating a sense of goodwill within your community.

Create internal opportunities

Find or create avenues that make it easy for employees to give back by planning a few service days throughout the year or pitching in to help a local nonprofit group. Or organize a company-wide blood drive or food drive. Offer rewards and recognition for employees who volunteer on a regular basis.

Healthy community and business

Servicing the community puts money back into the economy, and a booming economy will reinforce healthy conditions for a strong, thriving business. This can create lasting bonds with community organizations that ultimately benefits everyone.