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Watch your business thrive through community partnership

Building a successful business goes way beyond creating, marketing, and selling a desirable product or service. Generating a welcoming and supportive workplace culture, affirming strong community partnerships, and establishing good corporate citizenship all go a long way toward helping your company grow and thrive.

Here are a few simple ideas that can help your business, employees, and community thrive

Define your mission

It may feel like an overwhelming task but writing a mission statement really boils down to three key factors — what you do, how you do it and why you do it. A few lines are all you need.

For example, “Kaiser Permanente exists to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare to our members and the communities we serve.”

Zeroing in on what your company’s purpose is and being able to express it succinctly helps you to not only hire like-minded employees but also helps current staff feel invested.

Promote equality in the workplace

Over the past two decades, significant progress has been made in the advocacy for inclusive and equitable policies for minorities as well as practices and protections for members of the LGBTQ community and their families.

In today’s competitive environment, building a workforce that reflects the makeup of modern society matters more than ever. Promoting diversity within your leadership and your employees establishes your business as a welcoming and supportive place to work.

Elevate and support in the workplace

After you hire leaders and employees, give them a chance to shine by encouraging them to contribute their ideas and input, and set up convenient avenues through which they can make their voices heard. Keep in mind that speaking up in the workplace takes courage, so it’s important that employees know it’s safe to share their thoughts.

Setting up a dedicated email for employee suggestions can be a source of new ideas from employees who don’t feel comfortable speaking up in a crowd. In a group setting, avoid immediately pointing out what may be wrong with a suggestion. Instead, promote a conversation that demonstrates appreciation and consideration.

Listening tours, where leaders set aside time to talk with departments or individual team members, provide an opportunity to hear directly what’s working and what isn’t working.

Giving your staff solid reasons to stick around and stay motivated about working for your company goes beyond tangible benefits like health coverage.

Seek out partners in the community

There’s strength in numbers. Joining forces with other local businesses and organizations that have similar missions to yours can make a bigger impact in your community than you might be able to generate alone. Finding opportunities to work together on fundraising events and projects not only benefits the community but shows your company in a positive light and generates goodwill.

Promote a cause people can be passionate about

Many businesses contribute to their communities. Choosing a cause that you and your employees truly care about will be more meaningful and help your efforts stand out.

You may already have a cause that’s personal to you or directly related to your business, but it could also be an issue that addresses a specific need in the local community. Engage employees by asking them what community issues they are aware of where the company could potentially make a difference.

Your efforts could go toward a robust environmental conservation campaign or an ongoing food backpack program to support families in need with students at a local school. If you find there’s a variety of needs, you can devote a monthly or quarterly fundraising or volunteer day to different causes.

If you’re ready and willing to grow, start incorporating these ideas to take your company to the next level.