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Schools and Universities

There’s no substitute for care that results in better health outcomes.

That’s why Kaiser Permanente, the region’s leading health system,1 offers plans that make it easier for school employees to get personalized care from our highly skilled physicians, when and where they need it. Whether in person or virtually, they’ll be able to get care that fits their precise health needs—on their schedules.

We offer affordable coverage options with easy access to primary and specialty care, so our members can conveniently get the care they need at prices that are easy on their wallets. We also offer coverage outside of our network so they can stay with their preferred doctor—or choose one that most meets their needs.



We work to keep prices and premiums lower for school employees with deductible payment plans and $0 copays for services like preventive care and telehealth.

Flexibility and choice

Many patients develop strong relationships with their primary or specialty care provider, which is the foundation of overall good health. School employees who want to switch plans but also want to keep seeing their preferred or current doctor can choose a plan that allows them to enjoy the benefits of top-rated,2 personalized care from Kaiser Permanente and stay with their favorite physician.

Top doctors

Our region-wide pool of 1,700+ physicians is recruited from the top medical schools in the country. They practice in 50+ specialties and subspecialties including mental health, maternity, and more—so school employees are covered for any health concern. And many of them are regularly recognized as Top Doctors in local publications.3

State-of-the-art facilities

With 35+ medical centers throughout the region, each offering a number of medical services like primary and specialty care, pharmacy, lab, X-ray, and more, your employees can get the care they need in one trip. We also offer access to hospitals and Urgent Care centers, including several Advanced Urgent Care centers open 24/7.

Virtual care

$0 virtual care, including for mental health, is accessible from homeroom or from home with phone appointments, video visits,4 e-visits, and more, saving your employees time and money on trips to our medical centers. We even offer 24/7 virtual care for many health concerns.

Resources for physical and mental wellness

Your employees will have access to a variety of digital resources, including healthy lifestyle programs such as ClassPass on demand, and livestream workouts. They’ll also have no-cost access to self-care apps myStrength, Calm, and Ginger,5 which support emotional health.

Maternity care

Our coordinated, multi-disciplinary maternity care team is rigorously trained and wholly prepared to handle any pregnancy, from the least complicated to the most complex. This means school employees can be confident they’re receiving tailored, quality care before, during, and after delivery.

Seamless integrated care

Our industry-leading digital health record system houses each employee’s medical information, so their entire care team—doctors, specialists, pharmacist, diagnostic technicians—all have access to their health history. This includes past appointments, surgeries, prescriptions, and more, and helps them personalize care for their precise health needs.

Extensive care network

With 1,700+ doctors across the region—practicing in 35+ conveniently located medical centers and more on the way—school employees always have convenient access to care. Plus, many of our plans offer coverage for out-of-network care, so they can choose the exact care that meets their needs and budget.

It all adds up to the region's leading health system1